Thursday, November 19, 2009

"A Lesson In Journalism"

A.) What was the article about?
The Article was about a Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who spoke at Dalton High School, and basically violated their first amendment rights by changing and approving and any articles that had been written for their high school newspaper, the Daltonian.

B.) How does all the content of this article apply to the profession of journalism along with the conduct and production of our own newspaper, the Tiger Rag?
In the profession of journalism, it is almost never a good thing to let someone control what you want to write. It is a journalist job to report the facts, not just tell the readers what they want to hear. The Tiger Rag is much like the Daltonian. Both newspapers have high school students writing about what goes on in and around their school. Everyone is born with equal rights including high school students. Just because we are high school students, doesn’t mean that people are allowed to control and censor what we write. One quote from the article that really seems to speak to me was when Mr. LoMonte said, “If you’re old enough to drive a tank, you’re old enough to write a headline.” This statement is extremely true. To me is seemed like Justice Kennedy didn’t trust Dalton High School students to get the written word out and rely what he really meant.

C.) What questions are you left with? Share at least two, and feel free to elaborate on them thoughtfully.
One question that I do have is why would a Justice, who was once a high school student himself, would think that high school students were unable to get the facts straight. Another question that I have is that, Why were these high school students afraid to stand up for their first amendment rights and write the article anyway?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"The Measure of Women"

A.)What was the article about?
The article was about how women have not gone as for as they should have. Women throughout America have made some progress, but not nearly as much as they should have. The article claims that 9/11 and the Iraq War is partially to blame. It also states that if people change the conversation about women, than the women themselves will also change.

B.)How does all of the content of this article apply to the profession of journalism, our class, and most importantly in this case, you personally?
The content of this article applies to the profession of journalism because it explains how many women are mainly judged on their appearance and "labels" and not what they have to offer in the world. So they are cast off as less capable than men in completing the same jobs. For example, a man is more likely to get a job writing about sports than a woman because "sports are for men", but of course this is not the case women are just as capable as men as writing a hard hitting story about the game winning point than a man is.
This article applies to our class because it also teaches us that if we continue writing it will be way different in the real world than it is in High School. Due to the fact that we have an all female staff, we don't really have any problems with sexism and the different progressions of women journalists because we all know that we are each as capable a writer than the next person. But out in the real world it might be harder for us to find a job and to be treated fair in the work place as we are now.
For me personally, I do not have a huge concern. I know that if I try my hardest, work hard, take risks and practice, than I should not have trouble competing with males in and out of the work place

C) What questions are you left with? Share at least two, and feel free to elaborate on them thoughtfully.
Why do women seem to be more disrespected than men do?
How can we change this?